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Thank you for now - see you again in 2018
af Tom Skovgaard     30/7-2017

Copenhagen Chess Federation, the organizers, the arbiters, the assistants, and the team behind Copenhagen Chess Festival thank all of you for coming this year, and we are looking forward to seing you again next year, when

Xtracon Chess Open is played 21 - 29 of July, 2018, at Konventum.


GM Baadur Jobava won Xtracon Chess Open 2017
af Tom Skovgaard     30/7-2017

The picture: The winner GM Jobava in the middle, to the right GM Sasikiran, and to the left GM Bosiocic

The Georgian Grandmaster Baadur Jobava won Xtracon Chess Open 2017 with 8½/10 ahead of 8 GM's who scored 8 points.  

The final top ranking of Xtracon Chess Open 2017, using tie-breaks for same score, were:

  1. GM Baadur Jobava, Georgia - 8½
  2. GM Krishnan Sasikiran, India - 8
  3. GM Marin Bosiocic, Croatia - 8
  4. GM Nikita Vitiugov, Russia - 8
  5. GM Narayanan Sunilduth Lyna, India - 8
  6. GM Nigel Short, England - 8
  7. GM Ivan Saric, Croatia - 8
  8. IM Andrey Kvon, Uzbekistan - 8
  9. GM Mads Andersen, Denmark - 8

In each rating group there were two prices. The winners of the rating groups were:

  • 2301-2400: Stephen Dishman, England - 7½
  • 2201-2300: Matthew Wadsworth, England - 7
  • 2101-2200: Filip Boe Olsen, Denmark - 7½
  • 2001-2100: Gunnar Lund, Norway - 6½
  • 1901-2000: Alexandra Samaganova, Kirgizistan - 6½
  • 1801-1900: Geoffrey Stern, Luxemburg - 5½
  • 1701-1800: Børge Waaktaar Svanholm, Norway - 5½
  • 1501-1700: Alisha Shehzad, Norway - 5½
  •      .. -1500: Eivind Grunt Kreken, Norway - 5

All final rankings, also in the rating groups, can be seen on the homepage here.


The two brillance prices awarded
af Tom Skovgaard     30/7-2017

The two brillance awards, donated by New In Chess, were won by GM Baadur Jobava (picture left) og Aksel Bu Kvaløy (picture right), in the categories over respectively under rating 2000. The winning games, chosen by tournament commentator FM Per Andreasen, are:

Kevin Goh Wei Ming - GM Baadur Jobava (Round 5)
Aksel Bu Kvaløy - Benjamin Dauth (Round 1)

You can play through the games by following the link and clicking the small board-icon for the game.


3 norms achived in the last round
af Tom Skovgaard     30/7-2017

As in round 9, all norm chances were accomplished in round 10 of Xtracon Chess Open! This means that:

  • IM Andrey Kvon scored a GM-norm for his win against GM Sokolov!
  • FM Filiip Bo an IM-norm for his win against IM Kevin Goh Wei Ming.
  • Stephen Dishman scored an IM-norm for his win against GM Tiger Hillarp Persson - a draw would also have given the norm!

With this, all 5 chances for norms in round 9 and 10 were utilized fully!
The organisers congratulate all three players with their norms.


Kids Cup results and photos
af Tom Skovgaard     30/7-2017





The traditional Kids Cup were, as usual, played Saturday morning at Konventum. 23 kids participated in the four age groups U08, U10, U12, and U14.

See all results here - and a series of nice photos here.

The winners in the 4 age groups were:

  • U14: Sander Fuglestein, Norway
  • U12: Daniel Tuk Hartsø Jarlskov, Denmark
  • U10: Noah Wahlgreen, Denmark
  • U08: Andreas Philip Cort Maleeva Hansen, Denmark

See the pictures below with all participants in the 4 age groups (from top, left to right) U08, U10, U12, and U14.


Lectures and one more short talk / interview
af Tom Skovgaard     30/7-2017

One more short talk, with GM Johann Hjartarson, as well as videos from the two lectures with respectively GM Sokolov and GM Timman, are now available on the YouTube channel of the Copenhagen Chess Federation here.


Last round started with GM Jobava still in sole lead
af Tom Skovgaard     30/7-2017

Round 10, the last round of Xtracon Chess Open 2017, has just started, with GM Jobava still in sole lead with 8/9, followed by 4 GM's with 7½, and 16 players with 7.

The top games of round 10 are:

  1. GM Baadur Jobava 2714 (8) - GM Ivan Saric 2621 (7½)
  2. GM Marin Bosiocic 2616 (7½) - GM Sunilduth Narayanan Lyna 2564
  3. GM Nigel Short 2688 (7) - GM Simen Agdestein 2604 (7½)
  4. GM Sergey Grigoriants 2566 (7) - GM Nikita Vitiugov 2724 (7)
  5. GM Allan Stig Rasmussen 2540 (7) - GM Krishnan Sasikiran 2688 (7)
  6. GM Frode Urkedal 2543 (7) - GM Alexander Motylev 2680 (7)
  7. IM Axel Delorme 2518 (7) - GM Jon Ludvig Hammer 2628 (7)

Follow these, and other 43 top games, live here:


Sunday - Events and Checklist
af Tom Skovgaard     29/7-2017

Remember the following events on Sunday, July 30th:

  • 10:00: Round 10 - the last round - starts
  • 10:00 - 14:30: Last chance for buying T-shirts!
  • 11:00 . 16:00: Last opening hours for the chess sales at Konventum!
  • 16:30 - 17:00 (estimated time): Price ceremony

And we wish all of you a safe journey home - and hope to see you again next year!

Xtracon Chess Open 2018 will be played at Konventum 21. - 29. July 2018.


Norm chances in round 10
af Tom Skovgaard     29/7-2017

The following players have the possibility to score a norm in round 10 of Xtracon Chess Open:

  • GM-norm to IM Andrey Kvon for a win against Gm Ivan Sokolov
  • IM-norm to FM Filip Boe Olsen for a win against IM Kevin Goh Wei Ming
  • IM-norm to Stephen Dishman for a Draw against GM Tiger Hillarp Persson


GM-norm for IM Delorme and IM-norm for FM Wadsworth
af Tom Skovgaard     29/7-2017

Both norm chances in round 9 were accomplished!

  • IM Axel Delorme scored a GM-norm for his win against IM Jakob Aabling-Thomsen
  • FM Matthew J Wadsworth scored an IM-norm for his draw against GM Jonny Hector

The organisers congratulate both players with their norms.


About "Fagernes Chess International 2018" in Norway
af Tom Skovgaard     29/7-2017

Hans Olav Lahlum, Norway, gives information about the chess tournament "Fagernes Chess International 2018", played in Norway from March, 25 - April, 1 in 2018.

Read the information from Hans Olav here.

Fint the tournament home page here:


GM Ivan Saric won the blitz tournament
af Tom Skovgaard     29/7-2017

128 players competed in Friday evenings blitz tournament, leading to semifinals and final which was won 2-0 by GM Ivan Saric (picture left) over GM Sergey Grigoriants.

4 players qualified for the semifinals by being placed 1-2 in one of the two middle stage groups for the winners of the 16 preliminary groups.

In the semifinals, GM Saric won 1½-½ over GM Sune Berg Hansen, and GM Grigoriants won 2-0 over IM Johan-Sebastian Christiansen.

The picture to the right shows the 4 players from the semifinals - from left to right:

  • GM Ivan Saric
  • GM Sergey Grigoriants
  • GM Sune Berg Hansen
  • IM Johan-Sebastian Christiansen

Unfortunately, we ran into a serious problem with the IT blitz tournament system, while after the preliminary groups we had to switch to manual and fully paper based procedures, causing a delay before the middle stage groups could be played.

We are sorry for this. However, the semifinals and the final were transmitted live on the net, and in the conference room for the audience.

Enjoy the games from the semifinals and from the final here.


GM Jobava in sole lead with 7½/8
af Tom Skovgaard     29/7-2017

GM Baadur Jobava is in sole lead with 7½/8 after his win against GM Short in round 8.

Top games of round 9, started at 1 pm today, are:
1 GM Nikita Vitiugov 2724 (6½) - GM Baadur Jobava 2714 (7½)
2 GM Krishnan Sasikiran 2688 (6½) - GM Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan (7)
3 GM Nigel Short 2688 (6½) - GM Frode Urkedal 2543 (6½)
4 GM Jon Ludvig Hammer 2628 (6½) - GM Daniele Vocaturo 2592 (6½)
5 GM Mads Andersen 2586 (6½) - GM Ivan Sokolov 2626 (6½)
6 IM Dmitrij Kollars 2510 (6½) - GM Ivan Saric 2621 (6½)
7 IM Kevin Goh Wei Ming 2446 (6½) - GM Marin Bosiocic 2616 (6½)


Saturday - Events and Checklist
af Tom Skovgaard     28/7-2017

Remember the following events on Saturday, July 29th:

  • 08:00 - 08:30: Kids Cup registration
  • 08:30: Kids Cup starts (ending 12:30) - cf. here 
  • 13:00: Round 9 starts


Norm chances in round 9
af Tom Skovgaard     28/7-2017

The following players have the possibility to score a norm in round 9 of Xtracon Chess Open:

  • GM-norm to IM Axel Delorme for a win against IM Jakob Aabling-Thomsen
  • IM-norm to FM Matthew J Wadsworth for a draw against GM Jonny Hector


Follow the blitz finals live tonight
af Tom Skovgaard     28/7-2017

The blitz tournament is underway with 128 participants. 4 players will qualify for the semifinals and the final which expectedly will be played shortly after 11 pm.

The semifínals and the final can be followed live here.


Offers from Quality Chess and ChessBase
af Tom Skovgaard     28/7-2017

ChessBase and the Danish Chess Shop of the Danish Chess Federation offer together a discount on 100 DKK, to be used with a purchase of a ChessBase Product in the chess sales shop (basement level). All participants in Xtracon Chess Open receive the offer - a voucher has been distrubuted at the chess boards. The picture to the left shows Ole Knudsen from the Danish Chess Shop, together with Martin Fischer from ChessBase.


And all participants in Xtracon Chess Open has been offered a gift, a free book, from the chess book publisher Quality Chess. Vouchers were placed on the boards one of the first days, to be used at the chess sales shop (basement level).


GM's Short and Jobava in round 8 top game
af Tom Skovgaard     28/7-2017

The two players in the lead, GM Jobava and GM Short, are playing on the top board in round 8.
Top boards of round 8 are:

  1. GM Baadur Jobava Baadur 2714 (6½) - GM Nigel Short 2688 (6½)
  2. GM Ivan Saric 2621 (6) - GM Nikita Vitiugov 2724 (6)
  3. GM Krishnan Sasikiran 2688 (6) - GM Mads Andersen 2586 (6)
  4. GM Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan 2564 (6) - GM Alexander Motylev (6)
  5. GM Frode Urkedal 2543 (6) - GM Jon Ludvig Hammer 2628 (6)
  6. GM Ivan Sokolov 2626 (6) - IM Dmitrij Kollars 2510 (6)
  7. GM Marin Bosiocic 2616 (5½) - FM Matthew Wadsworth 2298 (6)

Follow the games live here.


Friday - Events and Checklist
af Tom Skovgaard     28/7-2017

Remember the following events on Friday, July 28th:

  • 13:00: Round 8 starts!
  • 18:00: Deadline for paying the entrance fee for the blitz tournament.


Two GM-teams shared the victory in the Pair Blitz
af Tom Skovgaard     27/7-2017

Wednesday evenings pair blitz tournament had 61 teams participating with team names like: "The Godfathers", "Philosophers", "Rotation", "Armageddon II", and "Gambit Brothers".

The complete list of participating teams can be seen here.


Two grandmaster teams shared the first placed with 14/16 points:

  • The Godfathers: GM Marin Bosiocic and GM Sasa Martinovic
  • Skanderborg 1: GM Rasmus Svane and GM Mads Andersen.

And the team "Philosophers" came in third.
Price winneres in the rating groups were:
Grp 1: 1. Nordhestene - 2. Rotation
Grp 2: 1. Crazy 88 - 2. Udkantsdanmark
Grp 3: 1. Elyon - 2. A&A
Grp 4: 1. Team Maxias - 2. (shared): Team Sandnes, To brødre som ikke er brødre
Grp 5: 1. Team Torleiv Jr - 2. (4 way shared): Baby Boys, Team Hestholm, Team Torleiv, Team Trier-Brodsgaard.

All team results (not the individual results) can be seen at here.

On the picture to the left, above, the two winning teams are playing each other, and on the picture to the right, they receive their prices.

Enjoy all the pictures from the Pair Blitz tournament here.


7 players in the lead with 5½/6
af Tom Skovgaard     27/7-2017

See a few photos from the start of round 7 at 1 pm today, above - from left:
a) The top games start - b) GM Baadur Jobava (board 1) - c) Nordic top game GM Hammer (NO) - GM Hector (SE).

Seven players are in the lead with 5½ after 6 rounds of Xtracon Chess Open, and the top games of round 7 are: 

  1. GM Baadur Jobava 2714 (5½) - GM Marin Bosiocic 2616 (5½)
  2. GM Frode Urkedal (5½) - GM Krishnan Sasikiran 2688 (5½)
  3. GM Nigel Short 2688 (5½) - GM Daniele Vocaturo 2592 (5½)
  4. GM Alexander Motylev 2680 (5) - IM Eric Rosen 2369 (5½)
  5. GM Nikita Vitiugov 2724 (5) - IM Axel Delorme 2518 (5)
  6. GM Jon Ludvig Hammer 2628 (5) - GM Jonny Hector (5)
  7. GM Allan Stig Rasmussen 2540 (5) - GM Ivan Sokolov 2626 (5)


Short talks / interviews with top players
af Tom Skovgaard     27/7-2017

During Xtracon Chess Open we have had short talks with a few of the top players, and you can also find video of players showing their games in the commentary room. More will follow, stay tuned - and enjoy the videos from the links below. All videos are available on the YouTube channel of the Copenhagen Chess Federation here.



Thursday - Events and Checklist
af Tom Skovgaard     26/7-2017

Remember the following events on Thursday, July 27th:


Pair blitz results
af Thomas Larsen     26/7-2017

Results from the Pair blitz can be found at this link.


T-shirts for sale - attractive offers!
af Tom Skovgaard     26/7-2017

Why not get a T-shirt from Xtracon Chess Open!?

This years T-shirt (yellow): 125 DKK

Previous years T-shirts: 50 DKK a piece

  • T-shirt 2012 (purple)
  • T-shirt 2013 (lime)
  • T-shirt 2014 (red)
  • T-shirt 2015 (cobolt)
  • T-shirt 2016 (orange)

Special sale: 3 T-shirts (2012, 2013, 2014): 100 DKK

T-shirts are for sale at the tournament office.


Bosiocic and Urkedal in the lead with 5/5
af Tom Skovgaard     26/7-2017

After round 5, only 2 players have a maximum score of 5 - Croatian GM Bosiocic and Norwegian GM Urkedal, followed by 14 players with 4½.

Top games of round 6, starting at 1:00 pm today, are: 

  1. GM Marin Bosiocic 2616 (5) - GM Frode Urkedal 2543 (5)
  2. GM Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan 2564 (4½) - GM Nikita Vitiugov 2724 (4½)
  3. GM Alexander Shabalov 2549 (4½) - GM Baadur Jobava 2714 (4½)
  4. GM Krishnan Sasikiran 2688 (4½) - IM Andrey Kvon 2500 (4½)
  5. GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson 2509 (4½) - GM Nigel Short 2688 (4½)
  6. IM Axel Delorme 2518 (4½) - GM Ivan Saric 2621 (4½)
  7. IM Eric Rosen 2369 (4½) - GM Simen Agdestein 2604 (4½)

And enjoy, from round 5, Norwegian GM Frode Urkedals nice win agains GM Ivan Sokolov (see diagram) with 18 Rxg7+ Kf8 19 Qg2 1-0.

And you can see GM Jobava go through his win from round 5 here.


Wednesday - Events and Checklist
af Tom Skovgaard     26/7-2017

Remember the following events on Wednesday, July 26th:

  • 18:00: Deadline for paying the entrance fee for the Pair Blitz - see the payment page here.
  • 20:00: Pair Blitz tournament.

And round 6 starts Wednesday at 13:00!


GM Sune Berg Hansen made 20½/23 in the simul
af Tom Skovgaard     25/7-2017

Seven times Danish champion, GM Sune Berg Hansen, made 20½ in 23 games in his simul on Monday evening. Only one opponent, Reto Utiger Sørensen (DK), managed to win, while 3 players achieved a draw: Poul Johannisson, Lars Hyldkrog, and Kenny Bagge (all DK).

In the picture, Sune Berg Hansen is making a move against Reto Utiger Sørensen, who was the only one to win his game against the Grandmaster.

The last game to finished after around 3½ hours. All the games from the simul can be viewed / downloaded from the homepage here.


7 players in the lead with 4/4
af Tom Skovgaard     25/7-2017

7 players are in the lead with maximum score 4 points after 4 rounds of Xtracon Chess Open.

The top games of round 5, starting at 1:00 pm today, are:

  1. GM Frode Urkedal 2543 (4) - GM Ivan Sokolov 2626 (4)
  2. GM Ivan Saric 2621 (4) - GM Daniele Vocaturo 2592 (4)
  3. GM Jan-Christian Schroeder 2539 (4) - GM Marin Bosiocic 2616 (4)
  4. GM Nikita Vitiugov 2724 (3½) - GM Jan Timman 2578 (4)
  5. IM Kevin Goh Wei Ming 2446 (3½) - GM Baadur Jobava 2714 (3½)
  6. IM Francesco Sonis 2440 (3½) - GM Krishnan Sasikiran 2688 (3½)
  7. GM Nigel Short 2688 (3½) - IM Junta Ikeda 2427 (3½)

From round 4, enjoy two games commented by the players in the commentary room (in English) - Swedish GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson going through his draw against Norwegian GM Jon Ludwig Hammer - here, and Croatian GM Ivan Saric showing his win against Swedish chess legeng and grandmaster Jonny Hector - here.


The chess shop is now open daily
af Tom Skovgaard     25/7-2017

The chess shop "Dansk Skaksalg" is now open daily all of this week, including Sunday. You will find the shop on the basement level close to the hallway leading to the room with the top boards.

Ole Knudsen, manager of the chess shop, has speciel offers all of this week, and Martin Fischer from ChessBase will be in the shop to assist customers with products and guidance on using ChessBase products on the last days of the week, from Thursday.

SPECIAL OFFER: On Thursday, participants in Xtracon Chess Open will receive a voucher with a special offer from ChessBase and the chessshop!

Opening hours can be seen here.


Henrik Juel (DK) won the problem solving contest - again
af Tom Skovgaard     25/7-2017

23 problem solvers took part in the solving contest on Monday evening - the open Danish championship in chess problem solving helt here at Konventum in Elsinore.

Several title holders were among the solvers: GM Sergey Grigoriants (Russia), WGM Petra Papp (Ungarn) and the two FM's Poul Rewitz (DK) and Martin Matthisen (DK). And also the Danish problem composer Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen participated. Besides 18 Danish participants, there were 2 from Sweden, 1 from Russia, and 1 from the Netherlands.

As the tradition, 18 "Mate in two" problems had to be solved within 2 hours - 6 "easy", 6 "not-easy", and 6 "tuff"! Every correct answer gave 2 pts. so the max score was 36.

The winner was, as also last year, Henrik Juel (DK), achiving maximum score 36 pts. It is Henrik Juel to the left in the picture. 2nd came GM Grigoriants, who finished his solving in just 35 minutes, and had only one mistake like 3rd placed Slumstrup Nielsen, who finished in 1 hr 39 minutes. Grigoriants and Slumstrup Nielsen both had a miss in the diagram shown (see solution below).

On the following places came: 4. Sietske Greeuw (NL), 5. Jacob Woge Nielsen (DK), 6. Thomas Thybo (DK) og 7. FM Poul Rewitz (DK).

Solution to the problem in the diagram, where white is to mate in two.

The problem is composed by Guörgy Bakcsi (Skakbladet 1982). Both Grigoriants and Slumstrup Nielsen had 1 Sf4? in their solution, however, after 1 .. Be4 there is no mate in one! The correct solution is 1 Ne3!

See all problems, and the solutions, here (PDF).


Tuesday - Events and Checklist
af Tom Skovgaard     24/7-2017

Remember the following events on Tuesday, July 25th:

And round 5 starts Tuesday at 13:00!


Follow GM Sune Berg Hansen's simul live
af Tom Skovgaard     24/7-2017

The Danish grandmaster Sune Berg Hansen, who has won the Danish championship no less than 7 times, plays a simul this evening against 22 opponents. The simul can be followed live through this link:


Monday - Events and Checklist
af Tom Skovgaard     23/7-2017

Remember the following events on Monday, July 24th:

And round 4 starts Monday at 13:00!


David Christophersen won Ivan Sokolov's book
af Tom Skovgaard     23/7-2017

David Christophersen, Denmark, was drawn as the winner of GM Ivan Sokolov's book "Chess Middlegame Strategies".

David Christophersen was one of those with a correct solution to Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen endgame study, dedicated to Xtracon Chess Open 2017, cf. the earlier news article here.




The study composer, Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen, will take us through the solution here:

1. e4+ dxe3 2. Nxe3+ Ke5
Not 2...Ke6 3. Nxf5 g2 4. Nd4+/4. Ng7+ +-
3. Bxg3+
White only has a draw after 3. Nxf5 g2! 4. Bf2 Kxf5.
3 .. Qf4!
3...Ke6 4. Nxf5 Kxf5 5. Kc7 wins easily. After 3 .. Qf4, black can easily secure a draw after 4. Bxf4 Kxf4, since both white pawns are lost. White needs to improve his position somehow before capturing the queen.

4. Nc4+ Kf5+
A crosscheck - which is met by ..
5. Nd6+
.. a crosscheck.
5 .. Ke5
With this, the knight is released for yet another check. Capturing the knight on d6 was hopeless.
6. Nxf7+ Kf5+ 7. Nd6+ Ke5 8. Nc4+ Kf5+ 9. Bxf4
Finally it is time to take the queen. Without the black pawn on f7, the white pawn on f3 becomes a strong force.
9 .. Kxf4 10. Nd2 Kg3
10 .. Ke3 is pointless, since white just walks his king closer. But after 11 .. Kxh3, the h-pawn becomes a real threat.
11. Kc7
Whites only plan is to urge towards the action.
11 .. Kxh3 12. Kd6 Kg2! 13. Ke5 h4 14. Kf4 h3

15. Nf1!
The end of a long travel Nd1-e3-c4-d6-f7-d6-c4-d2-f1.
15 .. Kxf1 16. Kg3 1-0


Xtracon Chess Open 2017 started
af Tom Skovgaard     22/7-2017

Xtracon Chess Open 2017 started today at 14:00 with a record number of 433 players at Konventum in Elsinore, Denmark. 24 grandmasters, 1 woman-grandmaster, and 20 international masters tops the field with participants from 32 countries - from Denmark 149 players, and from Norway 117, from Sweden 54, from Germany 31, and from Belgium 14.

Two earlier WC challengers are among the top players of the field, GM Nigel Short, who played a WC match against Garry Kasparov in 1993, and GM Jan Timman, who has played a WC match again Anatoly Karpov. The highest rated players in the field are Russian Nikita Vitiugov, Georgian Baadur Jobava, and Indian Krishnan Sasikiran. The complete field of players can be seen in the tournament table here.

The tournament can be followed live on the net, where 50 games are transmitted (with a 10 min. delay), see links to the live pages in the menu. And the live commentary, by FM Per Andreasen, is streamed in YouTube here. The commentary is mostly in Danish, however, GM's and IM's often join Per Andreasen to go quickly through their game after it is ended, so tune in!

Each days live commenting will be available, also afterwards, on the YouTube channel. At the first days commenting, we had the pleasure of having GM Jobava showing his nice win, and joining the commenting for over an hour! (See the picture). See the first days commenting here - Jobava joins after around 1:15 hrs.

See all results in the tournament table here. On the first day, the favourites won their games on the top 46 boards.

A short video shows a few impressions from the opening of Round 1 here:


Brillancy prices from New In Chess
af Tom Skovgaard     22/7-2017

New In Chess is sponsoring 2 prices for brillancy games in Xtracon Chess Open - each 1 years free subscription to the magazine "New In Chess"! The 2 prices go to the most brillant games played by respectively a player under 2000 (FIDE/ELO rating) and a player with rating 2000 or more.

NOTICE: Games, to be considered for the brillance prices, are to be handed in to the tournament office - the sooner the better.

Additionally, New In Chess will also give a book prize in each of the four age groups in Kids Cup.



About payment of entry fee - and about transport
af Tom Skovgaard     20/7-2017

Pay the entry fee online - or, in cash, at the sign in!

The online payment site is open until the sign in, which takes place at the playing venue Saturday 22nd of July, from 10:45 to 11.30. It is not necessary to turn up for the sign in, if you are marked with a green checkmark for the payment at the participants list!

Find the page for online payment here.

Please note that you can't pay with a credit card at the sign in! The only option is cash (DKK).

Bank information for payment by bank transfer:
IBAN: DK5020005365159604
Swift address:  NDEADKKK


NOTICE - About transport!

If you plan to use public transport to go to the playing site, please notice that train schedules are changed due to railworks this summer. Use the following site to plan your travel:


Johann Hjartarsson Nordic Champion 2017
af Tom Skovgaard     11/7-2017

Icelandic chess legend GM Johann Hjartarsson won the Nordic championship 2017 which was played last week in Sweden, with the score of 7½/9! Hjartarsson had the better tie-break ahead of young Swedish GM Nils Grandelius, also scoring 7½, in the field with 73 participants, including 8 GM's from the Nordic countries.

And, of course, it is a great pleasure that we will see Johann Hjartarsson in this summers Xtracon Chess Open, where he will face strong international as well as Nordic competition, including Norwegian GM Jon Ludwig Hammer, who won the Norwegian championship 2017 two days ago, and the young Danish Champion 2017, GM Mads Andersen. The Swedish championship 2017 is being played this week.

Johann Hjartarsson became grandmaster in 1985 and moved into the world chess elite when he qualified for the candidates in 1988, where he defeated Viktor Korchnoi but lost to Karpov in the quarterfinals. Besides many other fine results, Johann Hjartarsson has won the Icelandic championship 6 times - five times in the last century, and latest in 2016!


GM Motylev joins - and now more than 400!
af Tom Skovgaard     5/7-2017

Russian Grandmaster Alexander Motylev is now in the field of top players in this years Xtracon Chess Open, starting on Saturday, July 22nd.

GM Alexander Motylev, born in 1979, has won the Russian championship, in 2001, and the European championship. Motylev won the European championship in Yerevan in 2014 with the score 9/11 and a rating performance of 2872! Motylev is also Sergey Karjakin's trainer and one of the coaches of the Russian national team.

With his current FIDE rating 2680, Motylev is ranked as number 5 in the Xtracon Chess Open field for this summer.

Breaking news!
We have now crossed the point with over 400 participants for Xtracon Chess Open 2017! And there is room for more :)


Solve the endgame study - and win GM Ivan Sokolov's book
af Tom Skovgaard     28/6-2017

Now you have the chance to win GM Ivan Sokolov's middlegame book "Material imbalance", which is the subject of Ivan Sokolov's lecture during Xtracon Chess Open!

To participate in the draw of lots for the prize, you must solve the endgame study - the question: ”White to move and win. Give the main line up to and including white's 16th move.”.

Solutions shall be sent to with the subject ”Sokolov” no later than Thursday July 20th. The winner of the prize will be announced shortly hereafter.

The study is composed, and dedicated to Xtracon Chess Open, by the Danish chess composer Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen. Steffen Slutstrup Nielsen is one of the worlds best chess problem composers, and he won the first prize in ”Jan Timman 60 Jubilee Tourney”.


Save 100 DKK by paying your entry fee on July 1st at the latest!


Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen - Xtracon Chess Open 2017 - "White to move and win".


7 times Danish champion GM Sune Berg Hansen gíves simul
af Tom Skovgaard     23/6-2017

Danish Grandmaster Sune Berg Hansen gives the simul on Monday evening at 8 pm during this summers Xtracon Chess Open in Elsinore!

GM Sune Berg Hansen has won the Danish championship 7 times - first time in 2002 and latest in 2015.

The simul is open for up to 24 participants. Already 9 places are taken, and you can sign up through the menues above. First come first serve :)

And now, with 4 weeks and 1 day to the kick-off round, we have crossed 350 participants.


Save 100 DKK by paying your entry fee on July 1st at the latest!


300 participants signed up by now! Early payment saves 100 kr.!
af Tom Skovgaard     10/6-2017

We have, by now with 6 weeks to the start of the first round, 300 participants in the field for this summers Xtracon Chess Open! With this, the prognosis says that we are likely to be a little over 400 participants this year.

And notice, that by paying the entrance fee on the 1st of July, at the latest, you save 100 kr.! See the invitation, via the top menu, for more information.


GM Nikita Vitiugov 2731 plays Xtracon Chess Open
af Tom Skovgaard     12/5-2017

Russian world elite player GM Nikita Vitiugov joins the field of participants for this summers Xtracon Chess Open, and with his rating of 2731 on FIDE's list of May, he now holds the top spot on the list of players for our tournament.

30 year old GM Vitiugov, now placed number 26 in the worlds top list, has climbed steadily towards the world top through his career which includes a victory in the Masters tournament of the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2013, and shared first in the Aeroflot Open 2011. GM Vitiugov also played in the Chess World Cup several times, and he won the gold medal for his score of 5½/6, and a performance rating of 2939, in the World Team Chess Championship 2009.

Enjoy also, that number 2 and 3 in our participants list, GM Baadur Jobava and GM Nigel Short, right at this moment, are playing in the TePe/Sigeman tournament in Sweden, where they both entertain with great chess! Just have a look at Nigel Shorts beautiful mating tactics in the his first round game agains Swedish GM Erik Blomqvist! And Jobavas victory in round 2 again Short.


Two top Grandmasters giving lectures at Xtracon Chess Open
af Tom Skovgaard     29/4-2017

Among the top names of this summers Xtracon Chess Open, we have former World Championship candidate GM Jan Timman, and earlier winner of the Dutch - and the Yogoslavian(!) - championship, GM Ivan Sokolov, both from the Netherlands.

And these two top names will both give a lecture in one of the evenings during the Xtracon Chess Open!

GM Jan Timman will talk about the former Danish world elite Grandmaster Bent Larsen. 

GM Ivan Sokolov will talk about the theme of his recent middlegame stragegy book "Material imbalance".

The lectures are respectively Tuesday evening (Sokolov) and Thursday evening (Timman). More details to be found under the menu item "Lectures" (description of Timman's lecture to follow).


Copenhagen Chess Festival t-shirt
af Dorte Hansen     14/4-2017

Now you can order and buy a Copenhagen Chess Festival t-shirt via the online payment.
The price is 125 DKK.

We also have t-shirts from earlier years for sale at the tournament office. The price is 50 DKK.

Go to online order and payment



GM Nigel Short in Xtracon Chess Open this summer
af Tom Skovgaard     2/4-2017

It is with great pleasure we welcome world class player and former World Championship challenger GM Nigel Short in Xtracon Chess Open this summer! Becoming a Grandmaster at the age of 19, being in the world top 3 at the age of 23, and playing a World Championship match against Garry Kasparov in 1993 at the age of 28, Nigel Short has been a top chess name ever since he was young.

On his way to the World Championship match, Nigel Short defeated great chess players in matches, including Boris Gelfand, Jan Timman, and Anatoly Karpov! Short has also played on the national English team in many Chess Olympiads, and has won a number of tournaments in his chess career. And recently, in Gibraltar, January this year, Short scored a fine victory against world number 2, GM Fabiano Caruana!

Besides playing chess, Nigel Short is also a chess columnist and a chess trainer, and he has been actively involved in chess politics over the latest years. You can read an interview with Nigel Short, done right after his recent victory ahead of his younger colleagues in the British Knockout Championship 2016, at the ChessBase site here:

In Xtracon Chess Open, we will also have the pleasure of following Nigel Short in the commentator room, where he daily, after he has finished his game, will join the Danish top commentator FM Per Andreasen. So we will be looking forward to much entertainment from the Englist top name on the board as well as off the board in this years Xtracon Chess Open!


GM Baadur Jobava in Xtracon Chess Open 2017
af Tom Skovgaard     10/3-2017

At the top spot of this years Xtracon Chess Open, we find one of the worlds most creative and interesting Grandmasters from the Top 100 – the Georgian Grandmaster Baadur Jobava! In the Chess Olympics 2016, Jobava won the gold medal for the highest score on the top board, with 8 out of 10 and a performance rating over 2900, ahead of several absolute top players, including world champion Magnus Carlsen.

33 year old Jobava, rated 2701 on FIDE’s March list, has won the Georgian championship 3 times, and Jobava has a long list of top results in strong international events after he became a Grandmaster in 2001. Jobava has earlier played one event in Denmark when he won the 2. Samba Cup in 2005 in Skanderborg, ahead of, among others, Ivanchuk, 14 year old Magnus Carlsen, and the Danish Grandmaster Curt Hansen.

The position is from the game Jobava-Ponomariov from the chess Olympics 2016 – one of the best and most noticed games of 2016. Jobava has just played 17. Bh6!! with a winning attack! The game continued 17. Bh6 gxh6 18. Qxh6 Rxc3 19. Qg5+ Kf8 20. Qxf6 Rxd3 21. cxd3 1-0.

We are looking forward to follow Baadur Jobava in his first Xtracon Chess Open this summer!


More than 100 players registered with 5 months to go
af Tom Skovgaard     27/2-2017

This weekend, with aproximately 5 months to the start of the first round of Xtracon Chess Open 2017, participant number 100 registered for the tournament! This indicates a good prognosis to gather at least the same number of participants in 2017, as last years close to 400 participants.

And, as always, a number of internationally recognized chess names heads the field, as can be seen in the Top-10 shown in the picture. In the near future we will present some of these international chess players on this page.


Book your room online
af Tom Skovgaard     4/2-2017

You can now book your room at Konventum (the playing site) online for the Xracon Chess Open tournament in July 2017 in Elsinore. Follow the link below to book. The link can also be found in the column to the right.

Room prices:

  • Single Room B&B DKK 690,- per night
  • Single Room FullBoard DKK 999,- per night
  • Double Room B&B DKK  DKK 910,- per night
  • Double Room Fullboard DKK 1540,- per night

Link to Online booking (language selection at the upper right corner)


Xtracon Chess Open 2017
af Tom Skovgaard     26/9-2016

You can now register for Xtracon Chess Open 2017 which will be played from Saturday 22, July to Sunday 30, July, 2017 at Konventum in Elsinore. You can find the invitation, the registration page, and the payment links through the menus of this page.

In the beginning of 2017, there will be offers for accomodation and booking of rooms at Konventum. And we will, also later, inform about top players participating, and side events etc.

We hope, also in 2017, to have a succesfull tournament with many participants from all over the world, and we are looking forward to welcome all of you to Xtracon Chess Open in July, 2017. The tournament is organised by the Copenhagen Chess Federation.


Konventum Helsingør
Gl. Hellebækvej 70
3000 Helsingør

More information here

Single room:
Incl. breakfast: 690 DKK
Incl. full board: 999 DKK

Double room:
Incl. breakfast: 910 DKK
Incl. full board: 1540 DKK

Online booking:

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