T-Shirt 2016125,00
Blitz tournament entry fee125,00
Child Cup entry fee125,00
T-shirt 2012, 2013, 2014, 201550,00
Pair Blitz 2016150,00
Xtracon Open entry fee FM and WFM800,00
Xtracon Open entry fee Juniors 1996 without Elo (born 1996 or later)900,00
Xtracon Open entry fee Juniors 1996 with Elo (born 1996 or later)800,00
Xtracon Open entry fee Seniors born 1951or earlier with Elo800,00
Xtracon Open entry fee Seniors born 1951 or earlier no Elo900,00
Xtracon Open entry fee for players with ELO1050,00
Xtracon Open entry fee for players no ELO1100,00
Gelfand Book and Lecture225,00
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